How To Winterize Your Car For Cache Valley

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Winter Is Coming, Time To Winterize

The summer heat is waning now. We’re now entering the autumn months and you know what that means? That means its time to start preparing for winter. You’ll want to winterize your car before it gets too cold to avoid damage or accidents. Here are the main concerns.

1. Check Your Fluids

If your fluids freeze, or if the water-chemical balance gets thrown off, it can do serious damage to your car. To avoid this, you’ll want to check all your fluids – antifreeze, oil, wiper fluid, etc. You need to have them properly filled so there’s no room for water to condense in them, which will cause freezing. You might also want to switch out some of the fluids for freeze resistant fluids if there are any available and you aren’t already using them. You’ll definitely want freeze resistant wiper fluid, because you’ll be spraying that on your windshield. And speaking of windshields:

time to winterize your car for the roads

2. Prep Your Windshield

Inspect your windshield for cracks first. If water gets into those cracks and then freezes, the expansion will worsen the cracks, potentially breaking the glass. You’ll also want to check your wipers to make sure that they work, as you don’t want sleet and snow stopping you from seeing while you’re trying to drive. To help prevent your windshield from icing up, you should store it in the garage, if you have one. If you don’t, you can buy windshield covers to keep it from being exposed to water condensation. That way, you won’t have to sit and wait for your car to warm up the defroster.

3. Check Tires

Your tires can lose pressure during the winter. A combination of the cold weather and driving less will cause your tires to lose air. This can cause other problems, including blow-outs, and alignment problems. It also gives you less control over your car while driving, and you need all the control you can get when roads are icy and slushy. Make sure your tires are filled up properly before winter comes, and check them at least once every two weeks to make sure they’re still good. You can also get snow tires. Plenty of tire companies will have snow tire options and have discounts for switching them out if you ask. Check around and see what your options are, because it makes a huge difference.

cars on the road with snow

Did you spot the white car in all that snow? Headlights matter! Photo by Lisa Fotios

4. Inspect the Head and Tail Lights

This is a really important one. Winter in Cache Valley brings tons of poor visibility conditions. Fog, smog, snow, and sleet all make it hard to see. You want to make sure your head and tail lights are good so that others on the road can see you under those conditions. This one’s not only advisable, it’s legally mandated. So, check your lights before the winter comes to make sure there aren’t any problems. A check-up ahead of time can spot a problem before it puts your life in danger.

5. Check Your Brakes

We already talked about checking your brakes for winter a couple years ago, but it bears repeating. When the roads get icy, the last thing you need is unresponsive brakes.

6. Prep Your Car For Road Salt

Road Salt may be needed to help reduce ice on roads, but it does terrible things to your car. The chemical reactions it has with air and water can speed up the rusting process, so you’ll want to take some precautions. A fresh coat of wax can help prevent damage to the paint job, but for the underside of your car, you’ll need to use some rust-proofing spray.

Winterize Before Winter

You want to winterize your car before winter actually comes. It’s no good spraying rust protector on your undercarriage if road salt’s already splashed on it. There’s no time to get your brakes fixed if they go bad while you’re on the road. Don’t wait until there’s a problem; preventative maintenance will help protect your car and avoid big repair bills from things going wrong that could have been avoided. If you need any help winterizing your car, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll help get you read for whatever the Cache Valley winter throws at you!

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