Putting On Snow Tires

by | Jan 14, 2021 | advice, Car maintenance, safety

winterize your carBaby, It’s Cold Outside

The snow has fallen. It’s cold outside and the roads are icy. The city does its best to keep the roads salted to reduce the ice on them, but every time it snows, there’s going to be some time before they get it cleared. If you want to be sure you’re safe, you should put on some snow tires.

What Are Snow Tires?

snow tires without studsSnow tires are special tires designed to handle ice and snow. During the winter, the rubber of your tires stiffens, causing it to lose traction. To compensate, winter tires are made of softer rubber and extra traction. They can give you as much as a 25-50% increase in traction on snowy or icy roads. When it gets cold and wet, this can make a huge difference. If you plan on driving this winter, it’s a good idea to get some good snow tires to cover it.

When Should I Put Them On?

There’s not a hard and fast rule for when you should put snow tires on, but a good rule of thumb is by temperature. If the temperature is routinely falling below 45 degrees, then you should probably put them on. That said, once you see snowfall that sticks, like what we have now, that’s also a sign you should have them on. So, if you haven’t put them on now and you need to do some driving, now’s the time to get them on. Keep in mind that, while snow tires can be used all year round, the softer rubber means they wear out the tread faster.

Snow Tires Have Different Pressure Standards

snow tires with studs

Some snow tires have studs for extra traction.

While we definitely encourage you to put snow tires on, you should know that they can cause problems if you don’t install them properly. The softer rubber affects the pressure of the tires. They’re generally under lower pressure than normal tires, meaning that when you put them on and take them off, it can mess up the alignment of your car. This is why it’s generally best to have a trained mechanic – like us – put them on and take them off for you.

Remember to Drive Safely

Even with snow tires on your car, you still need to be a safe driver. Winter driving requires extra care to avoid accidents. Goodyear Tires has some great safety tips for winter driving and we recommend you reading up on them. Better safe than sorry!

Need help?

SE Performance is ready to help! Want us to help you put on your winter tires for you? We can do that. If you haven’t yet winterized your car, we can help you with that, too. Don’t forge to watch for signs your brakes need fixing; you don’t want to have any trouble stopping when the roads are slick!

If there’s anything we can do for you to get your car up to speed for the winter, feel free to get in touch!  We’re always ready to help!

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