Are You Planning For Car Maintenance?

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How To Avoid Badly Timed Car Repairs

We all love cars, but one thing nobody loves is when cars break down. Car repairs can be expensive and you can’t use your car while it’s getting fixed up. You know what’s even worse? If a car breaks down while you’re out of town, or you really need it. Did you know that some careful planning for car maintenance can help you avoid that? While there’s planning for accidents, planning for car maintenance can help you catch problems before your car breaks down. This saves you time, money, and stress. How do you plan?

1. Check The Car Owner’s Manual

All cars have their own unique needs. They will have different parts and different construction. This means that they will all need maintenance at different times. The owner’s manual is a great place to start when it comes to planning for car maintenance. Your owner’s manual will tell you about how many miles your car should go before needing check-ups and will have some information about how your car works that’s useful for getting the best use out of it. Be sure you know what’s in it, have it on hand to check up on anything you need to know, and follow its advice.

2. Know Your Parts

Mechanic doing car maintenanceAt some point, you will need to replace parts. Brake pads and fan belts wear out, ball bearings get loose, tires lose their tread, etc. No matter how careful you are with your car, parts just wear out. When they do, you’ll replace them and go on. Just as every car is different, every parts manufacturer is different. When you have replacement parts installed, be sure to ask your mechanic for advice on when you should have those parts checked out again. Knowing when to check up on your car is critical to avoiding inconvenient breakdowns.

3. Regular Safety Inspections

We talk about safety inspections a lot because they’re very important. They aren’t mandated by law in Utah anymore – at least at the time of writing – but they are still just as necessary. A lot of car problems can be caught and corrected well before a breakdown. Sometimes, fixing a problem is just a matter of realigning a part, or replacing a small, inexpensive part. Safety inspects will usually catch these small problems well before you, or even the most sophisticated machines, will be able to spot a problem. These small fixes cost very little compared to repairs, but if ignored they can become big problems. A small leak in coolant is easy to fix, but if it isn’t caught your engine might overheat and take serious damage. Fixing a coolant leak is a couple hundred dollars. Fixing an engine is so expensive it’s usually better to just buy a whole new car.

4. Don’t Ignore Problems

car putting out too much smoke, suggesting it needs maintenance

There are usually signs that something is wrong well before the car breaks down.
Photo by Harrison Haines

A lot of times, when a customer comes in saying their car broke down, they usually tell us there were little signs of problems beforehand. Odd noises, strange smells, unresponsive turning or breaks, or other little things might signal big problems in the future. It might be nothing, but then again, it might be something that affects the rest of your car. Cars are complex machines with a lot of interconnected parts and when one part goes bad, it can cause others to go bad. If you notice something is off about how your car is handling, or if it starts making unexpected noises, or producing odd smells, do not ignore it. Checking up on those quickly can make the difference between spending a couple hundred dollars and spending a thousand or more. The sooner you get a problem fixed, the less chance there is of something bigger going wrong.

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